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Does your logistics provider have AEO status?

Does your logistics provider have AEO status?

February 19, 2018
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Did you know that only 5% of logistic providers who apply for AEO status actually receive accreditation?

…and we’re one of them!

We know Brexit is happening, but are you and your logistics partner ready for the challenges that leaving the EU will bring to your business?  Over the coming months and years AEO will become the standard for logistic partners indicating that their role in the international supply chain is secure, and that their customs controls and procedures are efficient and compliant.

So what does AEO actually mean for importers?

In short, a logistics partner with AEO certification gives the right for consignments to be “fast-tracked” through customs clearance, and when such goods are subjected to inspection, they will get priority over others. So for any business that places an emphasis on timely delivery (who doesn’t these days?) there’s a huge benefit in using an AEO accredited logistics provider. Other benefits for importers include:

  1. Reduced administration
  2. Greater access to priority clearance if cargo is selected for examination
  3. Increased transport security with fewer delays in despatch
  4. Quicker access to certain customs procedures including some of the HMRC safety and security systems
  5. Improved security between supply chain partners

Don’t wait until the last minute, get your competitive edge now with dap UK Ltd. For more information about our AEO status and how it can help your business please email or call, Steve Lacon:  or Jim Dixon: on 01394 670058.


Read our full AEO story here…

Leading UK-based independent freight forwarding specialist dap UK Ltd is delighted to announce that it has been awarded Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status.  AEO status will be a necessity for UK freight and logistics firms to ensure smooth cargo passage across borders when the UK leaves the European Union (EU). This certification signifies dap UK Ltd’s professionalism and commitment to security compliance within the international supply chain, certifying that its customs controls and procedures are in accordance with EU Law.

Only five percent of logistics service providers who apply, are granted AEO status, dap UK Ltd spent two years planning and making the necessary refinements to its practices prior to beginning the application process.  AEO is a set of standards that have been determined by HMRC and other customs organisations around the world, and AEO certification demonstrates that accredited companies offer the highest standards of processes, procedures and security, ensuring the integrity of the supply chain for customers in any eventuality.  Over the coming years, AEO will become the standard that will be recognised throughout the international customs community as an indicator of trustworthiness, to continually self-regulate in order to adhere to HMRC and international customs standards.

Commenting on the announcement, Clive Julian CEO and owner of dap UK Ltd stated; “We are incredibly proud to have received this internationally recognised mark of quality.  The extensive process of becoming an AEO means that a large number of applicants fail; the fact that we have been awarded this status is testament to our stringent operating procedures, our attention to detail and our commitment to delivering high quality service.  We worked closely with HRMC throughout this process to ensure that we did everything we could to meet the required standards.

“Being an AEO is vital for us as a key player in the freight forwarding industry.  Our certification demonstrates to our customers that we are committed to compliance and ensuring a professional and efficient service.  Post-Brexit, it will be essential that organisations use an AEO-accredited company for their international logistics needs, especially if the EU and the UK begin operating separate customs systems.  Increasingly blue-chip companies are stipulating that the freight forwarders they use must be AEO-accredited and organisations that do not obtain this will struggle to remain competitive once we leave the EU.  Given the current uncertainty surrounding the UK’s position within the Customs Union post-Brexit, it was important to us as a business to ensure that we had AEO status as early as possible, so that we are well prepared for any eventuality relating to the changing customs landscape.   Our AEO status demonstrates that our security, processes and customs declarations will be compliant throughout the exit period form the EU, and beyond, and will ensure that the changes ahead will not impact the fast and efficient service we provide.”

This AEO accreditation further demonstrates dap UK Ltd’s ethos of ensuring operational excellence.  Established in 2002, the company is a full trading member of the British International Freight Association (BIFA) and is First Point Assessment Limited (FPAL) Accredited.  Providing tailored supply chain efficiencies for all industries worldwide, it works with organisations in a variety of fields including shipping humanitarian aid relief and military freight to critical global locations.  Excelling in the delivery of cargo to anywhere in the world, on time and to budget, dap UK Ltd provides a dedicated single point of contact for the entire forwarding process, guaranteeing a highly personalised level of service and customer care.  In addition to global freight forwarding, the business also offers express shipment services, NDC management, custom clearance and comprehensive warehousing facilities.  Its extensive specialist knowledge and experience makes dap UK Ltd the ideal preferred supply chain partner.