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Africa - a year of continual growth

Africa – a year of continual growth

October 4, 2016
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dap UK Ltd is currently attending the 2nd annual meeting of the African Logistics Network (A.L.N.) and has been recognised as the most prolific UK member agent involved in freighting UK/Africa and v.v. The organisation whose members services cover of 97% of Africa continues to grow in terms of volumes handled and additional services offered. It is one of the few groups to be able to offer through bills of lading to most major inland destinations and has competitive rates with all major shipping lines. Demand in Africa for British goods is now higher than at any other time and represents a major opportunity for UK manufactures especially after Brexit. The A.L.N. has a strict code of ethics and conduct to which its members have to subscribe and all are strictly regulated on a fiscal basis. Therefore you can be absolutely certain that cargo is handled correctly and safely. The rules and regulations for shipping to & from Africa can change regularly and all members contribute to the local knowledge base in order to keep all informed. Such information is vital to manufactures who need to be aware of factors affecting their traffics.

dap UK has continues to increase its customer orientated services year on year and can proudly now maintain that we offer worldwide shipping facilities by air, sea and road backed by our single point of contact policy. No being directed to department after department, just one contact for all aspects of thew movement. How simple can it get?

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