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3PL – not just for the multinationals!

3PL – not just for the multinationals!

March 20, 2018
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Confident in our capabilities, many of our customers are now looking to us to provide multimodal global planning and fulfilment coupled with a range of value-added services, saving them time and enabling them to focus on their core business.

After in-depth discussion, the 3PL model is designed to match the customer’s market operating conditions and the various demands and delivery service requirements for their products or materials.  By working in partnership with our customers we help to improve service levels and increase commercial viability for both parties.  We work closely with our customers to fulfil joint visions and objectives and engender commitment, support, communication and trust.

This communication and trust is of paramount importance. Third party logistics providers represent the client at all stages of the supply chain process, it is therefore essential that clients can be confident that they will be represented well.  It is vital that a 3PL not only reflects the client’s interests appropriately but that it also works to enhance them.

As a case example:

Hesco Bastion is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of earth-filled barriers which are deployed worldwide and have multiple uses in military, security and environmental applications. Their traffic has been handled by dap UK Ltd as their appointed 3PL single source supplier for a number of years.

Mr. Michael Hughes, CEO of the Hesco Group comments,

“The team at dap UK Ltd has extensive global industry knowledge, which is paramount for Hesco and more importantly, for our end-user.  dap UK Ltd understands the importance of providing one point of contact and has the capabilities to navigate the delivery of products to extremely remote and hostile areas.  Hesco Bastion Ltd has used dap UK’s services for over six years, becoming its exclusive contracted supply chain partner where Hesco controls delivery. Once our product leaves the UK, we are confident it will arrive timely and securely, regardless of the end destination; and as leaders in force protection, our products have been delivered to the most volatile parts of the world. dap UK Ltd’s work ethic perfectly aligns with the Hesco mission; to protect people and assets, whenever and wherever we are needed.”

Ian White, Group Managing director has indicated that dap UK is now receiving more requests to provide 3PL services to both its existing and potential clients.  He says, “The recent introduction of our own warehousing facility in Great Yarmouth is as a result of these requests and there will be a range of new services introduced this year, which will further enhance our operations. As manufacturers start to ready themselves for the Brexit process and its ramifications, it is evident that the management of logistics and supply chain will take centre stage and will require increased resources.  A 3PL’s buying power across the markets, coupled with the additional value-added services, make the use of a 3PL a viable proposition even for smaller manufacturers and it is from this market sector that we have noticed a significant increase in interest.”

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