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Be part of the expansion

Be part of the expansion

May 2, 2018
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Internal Sales Opportunity


As our sales team increases in numbers and we develop new markets, we need to sustain the growth the company has experienced in the last two years.  We are therefore seeking to employ an internal sales person in our office at Felixstowe on a fixed term contract of 6 months although it may be possible that this would be extended by mutual consent. The successful candidate will be tasked with ensuring continued new business development as well as increasing our sales profitability with existing clients. The candidate will need to have exceptional communication skills and personality. They will work with existing data and will be expected to suggest and pursue other avenues of making contact utilising not only the phone but also social media.


The Plain Truth

Everyone knows that telephone sales can be a thankless task. We have all been at the end of a cold call and we all moan about it. Yet sometimes there is something which may be of interest. We need someone who can indicate that we have a service worth considering, one that will be of benefit to them and one they need.


The Harsh Facts

Bluntly put we won’t dress this up like others. Cold calling can be a soul destroying job. In this role people will put the phone down on you, be rude to you. You will meet the receptionist who won’t put you through, and people will tell you to call back in 10 minutes knowing they will go to lunch in 5. It’s the nature of the job but it is essential to maintain growth and the moment you call one person who is prepared to listen and offer you an opportunity to quote, well, that’s the point at which it becomes worthwhile.


The Person

We expect the candidate to have some experience in the cold calling industry and patently some basic knowledge of shipping would be an advantage. We will consider a candidate who wishes to work part time to suit perhaps school hours etc. You should have exceptional communication skills and personality which projects itself over the phone.


For all further details and to arrange an interview you should forward your relevant CV to the Group Managing Director as follows:

NO agencies, thank you.